The whole point of this ring is to get a more comprehensive list of Genesis & related sites. If you have a Genesis page, let me know! The Genesis WebRing is designed to increase hits for each page in the ring.

The band has a new official web site that is up to date on all the latest news. Check it out at Genesis-music.com

You can also find out most everything you ever wanted to know about the band in the Genesis FAQ, which is maintained by Genesis WebRing member Michael Ostrich.

I want to mention that this site, this ring and the sites in the ring, are in no way affiliated with Genesis, or their management company, Hit & Run. This is very unofficial.

The only qualification for joining the ring is that you have a Genesis page, or to clarify even further, you have to have your own Genesis web site based on the musical band called Genesis. That may sound silly…. I have had people submit sites that have nothing to do with Genesis, but had a link to another Genesis site looking for acceptance. That’s not good enough. You have to have a complete page that has something to do with the band that you have authored yourself.

If you do not have a site, but wish to get in contact with fellow Genesis fans, I suggest you subscribe to the Genesis e-mailing list, Paperlate. Just click on the link to get more information.

The only thing I ask is that you put on the Genesis WebRing ring navigation bar. The navigation bar is used by your site visitors to get to other sites in the ring. Directions for how to get the bar on your site will be given to you in an e-mail when you submit your site to the ring.

I’m a very hands-off ringmaster. I don’t bother anyone really. I don’t have a monthly e-mail for ring members or anything like that. The only time I e-mail people is when I check around to make sure navigation bars are on, or if something they’ve submitted doesn’t fit the ring or if I can’t seem to check their site out do to server errors.

This web ring will be far more up to date than web engines as long as I can get it right!

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