Ray Wilson, the man who became the lead singer in Genesis after Phil Collins left, is out of the band. Collins will probably do a comeback, and in November will there be released a second box set of old, rare and unknown songs.

By: Øystein Hage, 17th of august 2000 | pic of Phil by Øystein Hage

Ray Wilson tells for the first time his own story from the time he was with the group. He also confirm that he no longer is the singer of the band.
– It is true that I will not be doing another Genesis album, but the band will probably tour will Phil again, tells Ray.
But Wilson do not wish to be remembered as the sacked singer, and he plans to release a new album next year.
– I will do something completely different, maybe work together with some unknown, but talented people.

Collins left
After Phil Collins left Genesis in 1996, Ray Wilson was hired for the job. The two members Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford believed he was the man who could front the band into a new millennium. They released the album “Calling All Stations” in ‘97, and it did well in Europe. In USA it was a disaster.
The lack of success in The United States is the main reason for why Wilson is no longer with the band.
– They feared that no one would buy a new Genesis album. Not my fear, theirs.
– I have mixed feelings when I look back. I did enjoy the experience but feel they should have had the balls to do another album.
He also tells that the deal he had was for two albums.

Wilson still enjoy “Calling All Stations”. He thinks that for the long term Genesis fans, it is a good album, but he feels that there was one or two pop songs that spoiled it a bit.
The best song is the title track, which he means should have been the first single. The worst song for him was Alien Afternoon.
– The first half of the song. The second was brilliant, he says.
Wilson feel he learned a lot from working with Tony and Mike.
– I learned an interesting technique for songwriting with Mike and Tony. We sat down and jammed for hours and worked on the good bits.

Love touring
Ray Wilson loves to tour, and he look back at the time with the band as a highpoint.
– I enjoyed touring, especially in Spain. They start the concerts at 10 PM and everyone is up for it when the gig starts. They also stand up at the gigs. I hate it when people sit down.
Wilson still remember the first concert he was on. It was with Iron Maiden at their “Number Of The Beast” tour, he tells.
Although Wilson is no longer a member of Genesis, he feels that the job he did was great.
– Becoming the front man of Genesis was a very exciting prospect for me and the challenge of doing it was exciting. I did find it quite easy though.
– I did feel pressure at times but I felt confident enough in my own ability to get through it.
Wilson do speak with the band, but not much.
– They will probably tour with Phil, but I don’t know what will happen with the group. But I hope they do a tour with the original line up, for the fans. They have great fans.

New album
Wilson released an album with his band called “Cut” in ‘98, and it sold well in Germany. But he had big problems to get enough publicity around his solo album. Everybody just wanted to talk about Genesis.
– Being the new singer for Genesis was a pain in the ass when I released my album. Everybody kept on talking about the wrong band.
He now work on his next album. It will be released next year.
– I will probably use the same band as before, not definitely though.
The Cut album was produced and recorded by people connected to Genesis. This will not happen this time.
– But I have no idea about the direction of the new album yet. I compose in many different ways, sometimes with others, sometime lyrics first, sometimes music first. No rules, really.

Wilson thinks it is difficult to find new music that he likes and get inspired by.
– Blink 182, The Eels, Live and Pearl Jam are among my favourites.
And when we ask him what his worst record is, we get this answer:
– The worst record doesn’t exist. They are all OK. But the greatest record was Inside with Stilskin. A brilliant song.

Back to the glory days
Seven years after Genesis released their latest album with Phil Collins, are the famous line up back together again. In November they release a CD-box with three albums full of rare and unknown songs. And they are also talking about doing another tour.

– The fans will get a jam version of the hit Mama, tells the three members to the press. The album will also contain live songs from the years Collins made the group one of the biggest band in the world.
But the rumours about a new tour will be a much larger present for the fans. Even ex-vocalist Ray Wilson and the tour-gitarist Daryl Stuermer confirm that something will happen.
Last time they were on the road, in 1992, they sold out all over the world.
If, when and where the band will play together, will probably be a secret until the release of the second archive box in November.