Thanks for the willingness to purchase the continuing future of audience and publishing. Publishers and libraries have a great deal in keeping: we connect writers with visitors which encourages citizenship, scholarship, and literacy.

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Hopefully to carry on the effective partnership between publishers and libraries, by purchasing e-books from you. We think we may all understand how to behave: long haul maintenance, and one customer at the same time, restrictions on copying, re-structure for suffering entry, by respecting the privileges and duties which have developed within the bodily period.

We realize these are beginning, and costs may develop. What wed prefer to do, however, isnt shed the connection libraries have developed with marketers simply because were currently purchasing and financing digital publications in the place of actual ones.

We protect e-books from booksellers and publishers, give, and currently purchase, but weve not identified several e-books available at any cost. Regular safety methods are being run by the Web Archive to give e-books from our machines through our sites, and In this manner, we make an effort to give a seamless experience for the library customers that replicates a conventional library check out design, however now with looking and eReaders.

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Brewster Kahle

Digital Librarian, Internet Archive